Thursday, 24 April 2008

Half done projects

I've been sewing pieces together to make patchwork cushions. I've bought some beautiful paprika 100% cotton fabric to back them with. I love the combination! I just have difficulty in finding a few consecutive minutes to complete the job! Hopefully this weekend!

I did however make a little square purse. I love it and will make some more to put in the shop. They'll be a few days away though!


styler said...

Hi there

I just recieved my order of your fabric and it is absolutely beautiful. Thank you so much

Keep up the good work!


habitual said...

I am so excited to receive my fabric....I'm not sure what I'm making with it, but I know it will be treasured!

cindy said...

I have been watching your progress and am so excited that it has been going so well. I am feeling especially inspired as I am a mum with kids the same age. I even found your fabirs on the new American fabric blog true up.
You should feel proud.