Friday, 30 May 2008

Daisy Bird


Laundry Birds

Bit exciting! The lovely printer emailed this morning and my fabric was ready waaaay before I expected it! Lara put me on to her printer which is also where Bianca and Shannon get their fabric printed.

I whizzed out there and grabbed them while the kids slept. I've taken a few pics to show you. I'll put the fabric in my shop in a few minutes. When I get a chance I'll put together a few mix packs.

So happy with these!


Hollabee said...

awesome! I love the red colour, very warm.
I knew someone else would print birds if I waited too long...guess I shouldn't print mine now

still on for coffee?

pippijoe said...

ooh... they are similar aren't they! You should print them anyway - I'm sure they're different species! coffee - yes!

kirsten said...

wow! you SHOULD be happy with these.
loving the birds on the line with the washing. superb.

Leanne Graeff said...

I so wish I could just pop by my printer - you are so lucky!. It's across the country for me.
Wonderful new patterns - thanks for the look.

Shannon said...

very nice little birds. just got me some. thanks!

tabitha said...

i love them!!! do you think the printers would do printing for people in Sydney??, id love to get stuff printed