Friday, 27 June 2008

All cocooned up

Last week kristen posted about the gorgeous cocoon shop in Launceston which stocks handmade goodies from a few people you might know! She's shown some gorgeous pics from the shop (including one of the lovely owner!) I've stolen one from her website but have a look at the rest here. While you're at it - admire kristen's cute as a whisker softie.
If you do live nearby and can visit cocoon you might see some of these bags made by Jennifer there too!


Jodie said...

HI, Just to let you know I finished the scarf and wore it to work today . keep your eye out for Ballarat sales- they loved your fabric!

Black Eyed Susie said...

Cocoon is a great shop. The lovely owner is so enthusiastic about everything she sells - it's very inpsiring. She has some vintage kimono silk hair ties of mine (shameless plug) and she cheers me up every time I see her!

I bet the bags will sell out quickly.

Nikki said...

I love the bags made from your fabrics - the prints are a really striking feature. I saw the post on Kristen's blog about Cocoon - lovely lovely stuff. Would love to go and dig about in there for treasures!

Fer said...

Thank you! Suzie really encouraged me to use your fabrics. I have a another bag with the birds nearly completed and also one with the nests - my personal favourite!

As the others have said, Cocoon is a great shop. Just what Launceston needed!!! :o)