Monday, 29 September 2008

So Easy Cafe Apron Tutorial

We have just had a gourmet weekend away on the Mornington Peninsula and I don't think I can eat any more food for at least a month!! We had five couples in the house plus 3 kids. 
It was a gastronomic delight. We visited wineries, ate lunch at another lovely vineyard where we enjoyed an amazing view and some gorgeous pizza then took our booty home and produced an amazing dinner. Each couple was responsible for one course and we ate so well that we had to defer one course until the next day! 

This apron would have been useful had I remembered to pack it!

This is the easiest Apron ever!

All you need is:
One Tea Towel (try to get a plain colour and natural fibre eg cotton, hemp or linen)
One piece of Feature Fabric 50cm x 30cm for the pocket
2 pieces of ribbon or twill tape each long enough to go around your waist twice.

Fold all the edges of the pocket in 1cm and iron, fold again and pin hems into place. Sew the top edge. Place the pocket in the centre of the teatowel and pin into place. Sew across the bottom, then down each side and oncece down the middle to divide the pocket into two. I used contrasting cotton here so you can clearly see the pockets.

Roll over both ends of each piece of ribbon and hem. Attach one ribbon to each of the 2 top corners and you're all done!

* Instead of a tea towel you could use any fabric (60 x 40cm) you have on hand and hem the edges all the way round.

** If, like me, you plan to have more foodie weekends, you may have to extend the lengths of the ribbon ties...


Hoppo Bumpo said...

Great cafe apron and tutorial. That would make a good gift. Something to add to the sewing list ...

Timid said...

That's too neat......

Anett said...

now I have to know how big is a tea towel?