Thursday, 30 October 2008

On the market

Besides 'playing' the market, I've been considering going to one. Not to buy, but to have my own stall. I haven't done this before, so maybe should start small. I've booked a spot at this. I'll be at the Malvern event. Yes, three big fabulous days of designer goodness!

Am I crazy? The thing is, I have absolutely no idea of exactly what or how much of anything to make... I'll have a range of mix packs, some selected fabric by the metre, a few baskets, cushions. Now, what else to make?

Yesterday, during a few precious kid-free hours, I started to make things. I now have half a cot quilt. The top half. I was hoping to be able to show off a finished product, but that will have to wait until the next time I'm kid free.

I just need to get cracking or it's going to be very lonely...


Amy (badskirt) said...

Congrats on taking the market plunge. I've recently had my first two and put together a checklist to help out with planning. Feel free to take a peak and see if there's anything there than can help you!

You've got gorgeous wares, so I'm not sure you'll need much in the way of eye-candy!

ingrid said...

Good luck!
I am just about to take the plunge and do my first proper market too. So of course I dont think your crazy, just brave.

Nora said...

Beautiful quilt! I've just finished one using your fabrics also: :)