Monday, 27 October 2008

One foot up

We spent the weekend at the beach and enjoyed good company, food and wine. Lovely beach weather, though the water too cold for this Queenslander!! Would have been perfect had it not been for the dead bee that still somehow managed to get it's sting into me! Who'd have thought the beach would be covered in bees? I'll never get used to Victorian Beaches... Have my foot up. On one of these. I think I'm the kid with the wiggly mouth. 

Cushions now available in the shop along with fabric so you can make your own if you like!


Kathryn said...

Those cushions are just adorable! I love the fabrics.

Hoppo Bumpo said...

I don't think even the native Victorians would be looking out for bees (alive or otherwise) at the beach. Ouch!

The new cushions look fabulous.

Helen said...

Love your fabrics and style.
So simple, refined - less is more


Chalk and Cheese said...

You could stare for hours at those expressions! Such personality!