Friday, 10 July 2009

makeover part one

I'm doing this in a bit of a rush, I should be packing for weekend away! But today I picked up a newly upholstered chair and I just had to show it off. I found these two lovely 1940's (I'm guessing) chairs recently and took them along to the team at Martel for a spruce up.

I chose the nest fabric as it's a bit of a favourite of mine and am trying to decide which fabric to choose for the other chair. I'd like it matching, but not the same... any suggestions?

I'll take better pics of this one when the sun comes out! In the meantime I'm going to collect my warmest clothes and head off for a girlie weekend down the peninsula. Bye!


Michelle said...

What a transformation! Looks fantastic.

I'd go for the stream bubbles in black on off white for the next one. That's just my opinion though!

Karin said...

Wow that looks amazing!

Anonymous said...

It looks fantastic! I love the red orchard, so maybe that would be good on the next one!