Monday, 27 July 2009

Making it

We're back from a lush weekend in Sydney. Each time I go there I discover a new area that I'd never seen before and fall in love with the city more than the last time! This time I explored the streets of Surry Hills and Woollahra and found so many gorgeous shops full of stuff. I loved fossicking in Orson and BlakeWhen David met Nicole and Bird. I just adore being able to walk and walk and discover new places. Have you rated your neighbourhood's walk score? (My house rates 77)

Also in Surry Hills is Cloth. Julie and her designs are such an inspiration for me. Especially 18 months ago when I was thinking of taking my sketches a step further and venturing into textiles. I’m thrilled to now find pippijoe in the new edition of "Handmade in Melbourne".  It’s been a wonderful and satisfying journey!

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Kristine said...

mm, walk score. That's nifty. My house got 89 - guess I should use the car less.

Congratulations on the mention in Homemade. Well deserved.