Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Sketching Kit Tutorial

This fancy folder is great to keep your pencils and paper neatly at hand for whenever inspiration strikes or as a sweet distraction for the kidlets when you're out and about. It's really quite simple to make and you only need two small pieces of fabric, so give it a go!

You need:
  • Fabric for cover (Fabric 1) rectangle 35 x 26cm
  • Fabric for lining (Fabric 2) rectangle 40 x 35cm
  • Ribbon to match Fabric 1: 70cm long, 1cm wide
  • Iron on Interfacing 33 x 24cm
  • Thread to match fabric 1
  • Chalk or fading marker
  • Sewing Machine
To put into folder:
  • A5 sketch pad
  • Drawing pens/pencils
  1. Take fabric for lining (Fabric 2). With wrong side facing up, fold bottom side of fabric up by 1cm, press, fold it over another centimetre and press again. Machine stitch hem in place.
  2. Fold bottom up 8cm as shown and press.
  3. Use chalk or fading marker to mark the vertical centre line of the lining fabric, and the pen pockets as shown in diagram.
  4. Divide into pockets by machine stitching once down the middle then dividing the left side into four pockets.
  5. Take the Cover Fabric (Fabric 1). Place interfacing shiny side down onto wrong side of Fabric 1. Centre the interfacing allowing 1cm seam allowance around the outside. Place the ribbon across the centre of the width on the right side of the cover fabric as shown below. Pin in place.
  6. Roll over the end of the ribbon twice and machine stitch to stop from fraying. Stitch ribbon to cover leaving it free 5cm in from each side.
  7. With the pocket side of Fabric 2 facing up place the Fabric 1 right side down on top. Pin into place.
  8. With ribbon folded neatly within, clear of the seams, sew cover and lining together around the perimeter leaving a gap for turning. Allow 1cm for seams. Clip the corners as shown.
  9. Turn the fabric right side out. (Use a chopstick to push the corners out.)
  10. Press making sure the gap left open for turning has hem neatly turned and tucked inside.
  11. Top stitch around the sketching kit 5mm in from the edge. Make sure you keep the ribbons out of the way!
  12. Place sketch pad and pencils into pockets
  13. Close and tie using ribbons.


Liesl said...

Its lovely - I think I would like to make one.

(Up until this afternoon I had a lovely notepad and set of Derwent Aquatones that would have filled such a kit nicely ... that was until Mister 3 decided to do a few watercolours using an interesting "technique".)

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Jesse said...

Nice tutorial - thank you! I need one of these. The ribbon is a great touch.

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Jacqui Dodds said...

Great idea, thanks for the tutorial. This will make some nice presents for people I know and for me!